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Heidi Schmitz also operates according to individual customer requirements.

She advises her clients locally in the design and selection of images.

She offers her paintings for sale and - for companies - also by way of leasing.


Broad education in various painting techniques and styles (silk and porcelain paintings, aquarelle technique, ink and chalk drawings)


Predominantly watercolor paintings, first well received exhibitions

seit 1989

Lecturer for aquarelle technique at the People`s University Munich

seit 1996

Regular painting courses with renowned artists in Italy, Austria, Germany and in the US (namely Manhattan)


First acrylic paintings

seit 2001

Education at several art academies; use of various materials (acrylic paint, pigments, coffee, tar, wax,sand), various painting surfaces (e.g. canvass, wood, dibond and acrylic glass) and techniques (e.g. combination of photography and painting)

seit 2008

Opening of a painting studio in Munich; conducting weekly painting classes and weekend workshops along with contract painting for professional clients.


Solo exhibitions in the "Orangerie", (renowned exhibition hall in the English Garden, downtown Munich).

seit 2010

Exhibitions in Florida, USA


Sale and lease of paintings to "Strategy Engineers", a large international business consultancy firm, to decorate their offices in downtown Munich with art.

Exhibition in the offices of the German headquarter of Open Text, (largest Canadian software company)

Teaching at the largest retailer of arts supplies in Southern Germany

März 2013

Solo exhibition at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Myers, Florida

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