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For me water color paintings are a spontaneous means to portray impressions - be it a nice bunch of flowers, an exciting still life or a wonderful landscape. I emphasize on the respective characteristics rather than on the detail. My ambition is to define the objects via their form or their color in order to achieve with many further varnishes my own expression.


I have painted my favourite water color pictures in one of the most fascinating cities of the world: NEW YORK !
Each day was an experience and a challenge. One day it was a scene with ships and skyscrapers. The next day it was the combination of trees and skyscrapers. Very special was the Brooklyn Bridge in front of down town (with gusty winds). The atmosphere in the middle of Time Square during the day with many people culminated in a night painting between 11 pm and 2 am. NYC: at its best with a farewell in Central Park at 30 degrees Celsius and 73 % humidity rounded up the experience.



A nice bunch of flowers or hydrangeas in the garden, the water color paintings come out in various varnishings in combination with ink and/or Stabilotone water color pens.



What a side scene !! - Munich offers many places to paint.



Celle is a very attractive city shaped by the numerous half-timber houses and a lovely castle.



Painting excursions to Italy are something very special. Here the challenge is to reflect the light in the charming context of nature and architecture.



Fort Myers has a beautifully restored Riverdistrict. The palms in combination with the colors offer a gorgeous painting scene.
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