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Acrylic Paintings

Here you find the paintings which I have done using various techniques on the basis of acrylics.


Most of my acrylic paintings are grounded with sand and other diverse materials that are laid on with a scraper. Thus tension is being built up. Powerful brush strokes in combination with color and non colored areas lead to an abstract aesthetic. The magic lies in the reduction, in the form and non-form, in plain and condensed spots...



It is extremely exciting to work with wax. Wax can seal hidden messages, lines and forms. Wax is being poured on the canvass or applied with a brush while lower levels are being set free; accents are being set with pens and by scratching.



Tar and coffee do not only have their own nice color. They convince also by their consistence. These materials thus give a painting a very special touch.



Very spontaneous paintings evolve by using oil clays and graphite pens. Those tools give a nice finish to an acrylic painting.



A special material to paint on is wood. On wood one can work in a different way, much more direct than on a canvass. Even the wood's own color is being integrated into the composition of the painting, e.g. protected or sealed under wax.



Searching for the new and extraordinary I found dibond plates. To paint and work with this material is very exciting. Extroadinary is not only the material itself but also the format of the plates and the opportunities of hanging and displaying these plates. They may look as if they were floating in the air.



To produce the first prints had almost a meditative effect on me. The newest productions on glas and on acrylic glas with a combination of fotography, nitrophotography and acrylic paint are indeed unique.
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